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The Graduate Program in Phytopathology (PPGF) of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) offers semester vacancies for master's and doctoral degrees.

Graduation in Agronomy, Forestry, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering or Bachelor of Biological Sciences are required for the Master and Doctorate. For the Doctorate, a Master's Degree in Phytopathology or similar areas is required, with a dissertation in the Phytopathology area, all carried out in institutions recognized by CAPES.

Entries are made according to the specific Notice of the UFRPE Stricto Sensu Post-Graduate Programs, available at http://www.editais.prppg.ufrpe.br/.

Selection criteria:
                                Analysis of the curriculum vitae (40%)
                                College transcript analysis (60%)

Approved candidates may enroll in the Program, strictly obeying the order of classification, in the vacancies made available through Complementary Norms provided in the link and electronic address mentioned above.