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Employability Doctors PPGF UFRPE 1999 - 2020

Dear Phytopathologists:

Below, we disclose the Employability follow-up of doctors graduates from the Graduate Program in Phytopathology (PPGF) of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE, until December 2020 (link available at the bottom of the page).

The PPGF at UFRPE started in 1999 and the first thesis was defended in 2002. Up to December 2020, 132 doctors were trained at the PPGF at UFRPE.

Approximately half of our graduates are professors (46.2%) at universities (federal, state and private) and federal education and technology institutes.

The second main activity of doctors graduates is as a researcher (15.2%) in federal, state and private agricultural research institutions.

As agricultural inspectors (federal and state), 3% of graduates work.

8.3% of graduates work in private companies.

Of the total number of doctors graduates, 15.2% are postdoctoral fellows and the majority have less than 3 years of completion of their doctorate.

Among the doctors graduates, 12.1% have no employment or fellowship, but this information may be inaccurate due to the rapid absorption of professionals trained in the PPGF of UFRPE by the job market.

Therefore, the level of employability of doctors graduating from the PPGF of UFRPE is 87.9%, considering doctors with an employment relationship or in employment. Doctors without ties are not part of the employability level above.